About us

Farhang books & stationery store was one of the first to supply textbooks to the Tajikistan’s market. In early 1991, it did not function as a full-fledged store, but even then, it was determined by the company’s mission: providing access to vital educational materials, amazing novels and modern office supplies in Tajikistan.

Farhang is serious about the quality of the products it provides, so the entire stationery assortment is purchased from the best specialized brands in Dubai, China and Russia (Hatber). Trust and customer support is the key position of the company throughout all 29 years of its existence. Thanks to this image and the policy of democratic prices, schools and organizations of Tajikistan trust Farhang to supply them with textbooks and large quantities of stationery.

We guarantee the best prices for the entire range of products compared to other stores on the market. Our book assortment includes more than 1200 types of books of a wide variety of categories, including:

And they all find their way to the store shelves directly from the printing machines of popular publishers.

Although the publishers listed are Russian, prices in Farhang for many books are more affordable than Russian bookstores. For example, take a look at a specially selected list of medical books.

On our website, these educational materials on medicine are not rarely sold 2 times cheaper than anywhere else. And delivery in the city of Dushanbe costs 5-10 somoni, will be delivered in a day. If you live in another city, you can find out about the delivery conditions here.

Farhang is open to business, especially in the wholesale of 200 different office supplies. We are able to deliver products for any ambitious amount.

For business and other major projects, please contact the owner of the Farhang books & stationery store:

Maruf Begov

+992 904 55 19 36